About Us

Saradhi Books established in 1967, one of the famous and dedicated book shop in Kottayam. We are the leading book store in Kerala offers online store and library where you can buy or lend books. We provide all types of Academic, Competitive and General Books. All kind of Text Books, Guides, Psc Books, Office Stationaries, School Stationaries, Study Materials, etc are available from our shop.

Parameswaran Namboodhiri is the founder of Saradhi book store. We have mainly three branches in Kottayam. Our main aim is to provide books to the customers according to their need. Saradhi book shop offers online shopping for different types of books. Customers can buy all kind of book from Saradhi. Initially, Saradhi starts with the books published by the government such as service book, pension book, etc. Now it is happy that We have a wide collection of all type of books and is available only from Saradhi. This makes Saradhi different from other books stores.

Reading makes a person smarter. It gives us new ideas and invites us to solve many problems. Also, books inspire us a lot and help to reduce stress. Saradhi in Kottayam gives you the best books at an affordable price. We have our own press named Saradhi Books- T consist of a great collection of books. If you love reading or need any kind of books, please contact us.